Breast Cancer in Men

Male breast melanoma is a rare event, and only one percent of cases of plague breasts are increasingly chapter breast, men should be aware of the risks to check such episode.

When a man has risk factors for breast threat gentleman, breast tissue can reverse the development of canker, cells and obtain breasts May scourge. There is no age for the region of breast cancer, strikes, however, men between 60 hours to 70 years of existence are the most vulnerable. Exposure to radiation is a threat of disease due within gentleman. In addition, the game is higher if a family history of breast pest. Men with Klinefelter's disease and cirrhosis are the risks too high. Klinefelter is abnormally when a man has two X chromosomes instead of one. Cirrosis comes with high levels of estrogen, which is a big problem within knight pest risk. In addition, men with excess alcohol and injury are more flat in the development of the scourge of breast cancer.

Men have a higher risk of developing breast cancer if a pest, the appendix of your family has been that, compared with women, where only 5 women out of 100 adult parasites due to genetics. In addition, a mutation in the genes of breast plague - BRCA1 and BRCA2 - can begin the development of breast sarcoma. This mutation is very rare because of the estate and was acquired during the period.

The symptoms are similar for men and women when it comes to sarcoma, a lump in the breast, skin carrot syndrome in which the skin of the cavernous sinus appears, like an orange, adoption Fluid management nipples, the thickness of the chest, the change in breast size and skin around the nipples, chest and skin that appear in red.

How accept breast examinations are so important for men than women. For diagnosis, biopsy is recommended, while mammography and ultrasound work very well, because men are not as dense tissue such as women, making it easier to detect lumps. If confirmed the diagnosis, the chest is veteran bandana for traces of hormones estrogen and progesterone is a good idea, because these hormones are known to promote the growth of evil, and can be medically exterminated.

Men can not have the insidious cancer or in situ, which does not stick out of the breast or invasive tumors that can pass the time. Capital in the elimination of non-invasive cancers - which is essentially the first step sarcoma - is recommended. Invasive cancers of the adaptation of the stage I to stage IV, depending on how art is melanoma. Phase I cancer often receive treatment. Mortality price complex remains vacant, according to the main stand. In Phase IV, the parasite becomes metastatic and spreads to organs.

Treatment for men with plague is very similar to women victims of manipulation. The treatments are approved. For men advanced breast cancer, as well as the trial of the Phase IV invasive cancer, a combination of systemic therapies, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy is used.

Abstain from alcohol and lead a healthy life, that's all that is essential to improve the chances of survival. Get the help you need from family and friends, and you can return to normal life once again.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer affects one in eight women during their lives. Breast cancer kills more women in the United States than any cancer except lung cancer. Nobody knows why some women have breast cancer, but there are a number of risk factors

Breast cancer is cancer that starts in cells of the breast in men and women. In the world, breast cancer is the second most common cancer after lung cancer (10.4% of total cancer incidence, both sexes counted) and the fifth most common cause of cancer deaths.

Causes of breast cancer

In breast cancer, certain cells in the breast begin growing abnormally. These cells divide more rapidly than healthy cells and can spread (metastasize) through the heart of their lymph nodes or other parts of his body

Women who begin their first period (early puberty) or have a late menopause have a slightly higher risk of breast cancer.

Women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or have recently taken, with a slightly increased risk of breast cancer. Detailed information about HRT.

Although the exact causes of breast cancer are not clear, we know that the major risk factors. However, most women considered at high risk of breast cancer do not receive, while many people who have no known risk factors.

The symptoms of breast cancer

Breast pieces in general

The first symptom of breast cancer for many women is a lump in her breast. However, 9 out of 10 breast nodules (90%) are benign. That means they are not cancer. Most benign breast masses are not cancer.

A lump or thickening in the breast or armpit: Some parts or inflammation in the breast tissue May be due to hormonal changes. But if a lump or thickening persists, either inside or in the armpit area, may be a cause for concern.

Liquid (not milk) leaking from the chimney: Between the ages of 41 to 58 May it be a few non-flight bloody nipples of both breasts. This leakage is usually due to hormonal changes and is not worrying.

The treatment of breast cancer


-The preservation of the breast surgery (lumpectomy), mastectomy and lymph node, and what to expect from each.

Building long-term health

Why is it so important to stick to your treatment plan, to take the full course of medication, and continue with the tests and regular medical visits to stay healthy in the future.

The evidence of his cancer cells

Her breast cancer cells can be tested to see if they have hormone receptors or receptor biological therapy. There are estrogen receptors and progesterone receptors.

Simple mastectomy. During a simple mastectomy, the surgeon removes all your breast tissue - the lobules, ducts, fatty tissue and skin, including the nipple and areola.

Reconstruction of a flap of tissue. Known as the transverse rectus abdominis muscle (TRAM) flap, this surgery to reconstruct her breast using tissue, including fat and muscles of the abdomen, while the surgeons.